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Werner Bossenmaier
Andreas Fiersbach
read business studies at the FH Pforzheim. He has worked as an account manager at Publicis, Frankfurt, as a consultant at STURM und DRANG, Hamburg, and as a brand consultant at Interbrand Zintzmeyer&Lux, Hamburg. holds a diploma in communications design (main focus: new media). He has worked as a graphic producer, art director, creative director, and as a post production manager for the German television companies ZDF, ProSiebenSat1-Media-AG, and QVC Teleshopping.
Andreas Flörchinger
Axel Heppener
initially trained as a joiner (journeyman’s certificate) and subsequently earned a diploma in engineering (interior design and architecture). He has worked as a project manager in the field of visual merchandising/interior design and planning. studied industrial design at the University of Essen and has worked on a freelance basis. He has been an academic employee at the IED in Essen since June 2003.
Hannes Hofmann
Norwin Kandera
holds a diploma in mechanical engineering. He has worked as a project manager in the field of product development at CARRARO SpA (drive systems) and in Italian sales for RENK Test System GmbH (test systems). He has been working on a freelance basis since 2005. holds a diploma in economics. He is a member of the management and a partner in Panroyal GmbH, where he is responsible for consultancy, concepts, and production in the provision of full services for events.
Kirsten Koehler
Martin Mangold
studied communications design at the FH Düsseldorf. She has been working as a junior AD at kw43 brandbuilding and design (a division of Grey Worldwide) since 2003. She specialises in corporate design. is an industrial designer/architect who works on both an employed and self-employed basis. He is responsible for marketing and design at group level for the HP Pelzer Group.
Andrea Maurer
Rolf Mehnert
is head of strategic real estate management and project development at Petrom (a member of the OMW Group), Bucharest, Romania. typesetter; studied communications design at the FH Wiesbaden and new media at the Academy of Art University, San Francisco. He has been a member of the board at Fuenfwerken Design AG, Wiesbaden, since 2001; DDC member.
Sascha Prosek
Anni Roolf
communications designer; has worked as a design director at Metadesign since 2000; responsible for providing support for major, international, and long-term projects in the field of branding/identity. communications designer with an office in Wuppertal: multimedia concepts, design, consultancy for the fields of culture, art, science, politics; freelance culture projects.
Ole Schilling
Peter Schreck
corporate architecture consultant, D + NL research network – forms of communication in architecture; studied architecture at the TU Delft in The Netherlands. read economics and business studies. He has worked for Interbrand Zintzmeyer & Lux in Cologne, provided support for branding and naming projects, and has been involved in the development of communications concepts.
Miriam Selbeck
Anja Soeder
earned a diploma in architecture and building management. She works as an academic in the Department of Architecture at the University of Wuppertal and as a creative consultant for KreativKontor in the field of strategic communication consultancy. initially trained as a carpenter and subsequently studied architecture in Stuttgart and London. She has worked in a variety of offices (SANAA, Tokyo; Bow-Wow office, Tokyo; HG Merz, Stuttgart) and as an academic at the University of Karlsruhe. She has been self-employed since 2005.
Heike Walter
holds a diploma in engineering (architecture and urban design) and has worked as a project manager in the fields of trade fair architecture and exhibition design.