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Course structure and contents
The curriculum is divided into the strands Transformation, Strategy & Marketing, Organization & Leadership, Finance & Operations, and Basics & Methodology, each of which will be linked by joint projects. A Master's thesis must be submitted at the end of the degree course.

A. Curriculum

1. Transformation, Basics & Methodology
The classes in the Transformation and Basics & Methodology strands outlines the latest developments at the interface between companies, society, culture, business, and technology. Based on this foundation, the issues dealt with in these classes will be raised and discussed in other parts of the course.

2. Strategy & Marketing
This strand focuses on how companies present themselves to the public. It comprises the following modules:

  • Strategy module: the development of strategy concepts
  • Trends & Issue Management module: the interaction between companies and the public
  • Product & Brand Management module: external corporate communication via supply, services, and products
  • Business Models module: the integrated development of business models

3. Organization & Leadership
This strand focuses on the design of internal corporate structures. It comprises among other things the following modules:

  • the examination of decision-making processes
  • organisational culture and personnel development
  • the way the actions of individuals can be adapted to reach the company's target

Practical questions and case studies arising from company activities will be integrated into the classes. A large part of this strand will be devoted to interdisciplinary, practical project work.

4. Finance & Operations
The main focus of the Finance & Operations strand will be on principles of corporate financing, accounting, and controlling that are relevant for managers. This module will also highlight the need for links between the fields of management and design. For example, it will show that not only the monetary evaluation of discontinuous creative processes is a challenge. Moreover, the entire business administration of a company⎯the tasks of finance management, methods of financial planning, and financing and investment decisions⎯must be designed in such a way that there is sufficient room for strategic decisions and, of course, for innovation and creativity.

B. Dissertation/Master's thesis

In the last 6 months of the course, students will write their dissertations (Master's thesis).