Basecamp Lecturer: David Griffiths

Beside the trouble (see my previous posting ;-) I was pleased to attend the Sunday session of the Basecamp. Beside Rachel Smart another UK fellow held a workshop: David Griffiths. David has a close link to the creative industries for many years and he is a contributor to design education and professional practice issues.

In 1992 he joined Royal Mail to manage their Identity Programme. Between 1993-2003 he was a member of the Marketing Consultancy Practice of Royal Mail’s internal consultancy and project management organisation. After the Identity implementation programme was completed he established a design management team. In 1995 the team won the UK Design Effectiveness Award Grand Prix.

Recently David has been exploring new business opportunities particularly in India where he has established a close network to top design schools as well as creative agencies. Therefore he has been able to link his insights into design leadership not only to central Europe, but also to the emerging hot spots of industrial and communication design. Consequently his workshop has been labeled: Design Leadership – A competitive Advantage in today’s economy.

So what did we discuss in this context:

  • Design Leadership and success
  • The triple bottom line as a metric of success
  • The role of knowledge in the economy
  • How design is being re-designed (knowledge)
  • The implications for management training
  • Design Leadership’s role in economic success

Stay tuned for some more detailed postings on these issues!

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