Zollverein Base Camp | Nov. 25-27th

Well, last weekend has been crazy; at least the weather conditions here in North-Western Germany. Lots of snow (more than 20 cm) which is pretty unusual in this area and at this time of the year.

Coincidentally the Zollverein School Base Camp has been scheduled at this weekend as well (Murphy says “Hello”), but fortunately an “invisible hand” seems to have brought all speakers and participants on site and most importantly just in time; except for me who got stuck in the snow …

Anyway even though I didn’t manage to attend the sessions on Friday and Saturday luckily the streets and in the region have been cleared on Sunday. Therefore I was lucky to attend on Sunday.

Prior to sharing my impressions from the Sunday session which has been led by design management consultant David Griffiths I would like to give you an idea what the “Base Camp” actually is:

The so called “Base Camp” is an event successful MBA candidates (after their application) will be invited for in order to have the selection interviews for the MBA programmes. The Base Camp seminar is the introductory event to the MBA. It offers the possibility to get to know the Zollverein School and its programmes. Finally it introduces students to the connections of management and strategic design and their special application in design-oriented companies.

Again more than 10 candidates have been invited to join the “Base Camp 2005” coming from a broad range of professions (marketing managers as well as graphic and industrial designers). Guest lecturers invited for this term have been:

  • David Griffiths, London (Design Leadership)
  • Prof. Mike Richter, Berlin (Strategy Design)
  • Dr. Schaefer, Germany (Accounting)
  • Dr. Rachel Smart, London (Design Business)


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