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  Zollverein School gets ball rolling with 'Opening Weeks'

The Zollverein School of Management and Design is opening its doors from 2 to 13 November for its 'Opening Weeks 2004'. This series of events marks the official launch of the Zollverein School's degree course programme. The Zollverein School is the only research and educational institute of its kind in Europe and will link management and design expertise in a revolutionary new way. Its postgraduate course is aimed at managers from both the creative sector and the worlds of business, science, culture, and politics. Top international speakers will introduce participants to the theories and methodological principles of management and design.

The 'Opening Weeks', which will be held in Hall 12 of the Zollverein world heritage site in Essen, will include seminars and events on business design and innovation, and will feature international partners and participants. These events are aimed at professionals from the creative sectors who are seeking new ideas for a corporate strategy for the future. The 'Opening Weeks' will be rounded off by a four-day Base Camp, which has been designed to give participants a basic knowledge of both management and design. Completion of the Base Camp is a prerequisite for acceptance into the MBA degree course.

International exchange with star designer

In addition to seminars, designer Jette Joop and design students from Great Britain, the Netherlands, Italy, and Germany will conduct a workshop entitled 'Re-Materialized. Recycled materials - and their use in space'. The results of the workshop will be presented to the public in an exhibition starting 5 November. Following a subsequent round of discussions with Jette Joop and guests, participants will have the chance to chat in a more relaxed atmosphere.

Seminars aimed at boosting business success

Working as a self-employed designer or architect is the main focus of the 'Professional Business Design' seminar. As part of this seminar, the British business consultant Rachel Smart will give creative people who are considering setting themselves up in business, or are already in the middle of the start-up phase, the tools they need to plan, establish, develop, and manage an office. In the second seminar, 'Writing a Marketing Plan and Time Management', the participating designers from Great Britain and Germany will analyse the competition and its strategies, draft clear goals for the positioning of their own companies, and formulate core statements. Both seminars will last two days and will be conducted in English. The fees for each event are 120 for professionals and 60 for students.

Crash course and career guidance

The Base Camp, which will take place at the end of the 'Opening Weeks', is aimed at professionals from the creative sector who want to learn more about business issues such as marketing, finance, and strategic and operative management. Experts from the fields of management and design will present concrete case studies from the world of work.
Participants can also avail of expert, personal career and study guidance.

For information and registration forms, please contact: Zollverein School of Management and Design, Zeche Zollverein, Bullmannaue 11, 45327 Essen; tel.: +49 201 185030 ; e-mail: [email protected], zollverein-school.de.

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