Design Institute of Australia: Understanding Corporate Identity

The Design Institute of Australia host a series of articles written by design professionals about the various fields of the design industry. From quickly browsing through the list I understand that they are mainly aiming at helping designers to sell their products and services better.

Therefore one shouldn’t expect too much of a “the next big thing” style information, but in contrast some nicely written summaries on what “we already know for years, but always being too busy to write it down stuff”.

Today Robert Paulmann’s portal on “Corporate Identity” (actually you can’t call it a blog; but hey he’s offering an RSS-Feed!) has pointed me to a five parts column series about “Understanding Corporate Identity – the first in a five part series to answer client’s questions.”. For those of you interested in CI have a look at Paulmann’s impressive repository of links and article snippets as well as David Robertson’s series on CI.

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